EVERY MONTH the mamazala allegedly pays her makoti R3 000 to stop cheating on her son. 
Although the makoti takes the money, she apparently does not stop cheating – but the mamazala keeps on paying! 
Mamazala Patience Ramalibe (56) told Daily Sun she saw her makoti hugging and kissing another man.
“I am scared to ask her to stop cheating,” said Patience.
“So I work very hard at my salon and manage to save R3 000 every month which I give to her.”
The makoti takes the money every month, but the cheating has not stopped.
The woman and Phendulo Ramalibe (27) got married in 2014. The three of them live together in a flat in the Joburg CBD.
They seemed to be happy, but then Patience discovered that her son’s wife was cheating.
“I pay her so she must stop cheating. I love her. I am waiting for my provident fund money and I will share this with her,” she said.
“Phendulo tells me he loves her very much. He says she is good in bed.”
Phendulo spoke to Daily Sun on the phone and said he had pleaded with his wife not to cheat.
“She lives a double life. It breaks my heart to share my beautiful wife with another man. Please talk to her and tell her to stop,” he said.
But the makoti made her position very clear.
“This is my life and my body. If it is about her money, tell her she can keep it,” she said.
“Yes, there is another man. I am still young. I want to enjoy life. 
“I am a woman. I must go outside to get real satisfaction.”
Then she said: “What does my life story have to do with Daily Sun?”
Patience said the makoti and Phendulo have not had children together but they are raising her child.
“We are a family,” said Patience, a former schoolteacher. She said there is a strong bond between her, her son and his wife that will never be broken: “The man she cheats with has nothing. He sells brooms in the streets of Springs and Joburg.”
However, she does say Phendulo’s wife is doing her best. “She sings beautifully. She wants to be a singer. She records CDs,” said Patience