It’s a true one though. Most affiliate based online marketing programs and money making advertising is operated from the US and Europe. With the South African Rand being somewhat weaker than a lot of the overseas companies it means I can run several online marketing strategies across different sites and ultimately earn money online in pounds and dollars.

I’m not shooting down the South African programs though, not at all. There are some excellent online programs available to assist in making money online in Rands and I have successfully used some of them.

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As I’ve discussed before, the key to making money online is using various online programs. Mix and match, trial and error, dollars, pounds, rands, euro, it all comes into play here.

I’m just saying how nice it is when visitor’s click on your ads and you see money accumulating in dollars or pounds then still have to multiply it by the current exchange rate to see what you’re earning….. That’s cool.

So the bottom line is, as the title of my post today clearly state

If you’re a publisher, monetization of your audience is always a challenge – especially if you’re on an information site. Display advertising notoriously underperforms when compared to other ad methods, so publishers lose out to highly targeted ads run on search and social. Native advertising has arrived as a means to drive revenue for publishers – but I’ve written before that it can come at a cost to the brand’s credibility.

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