This is according to a survey‚ conducted by Victoria Milan – a dating website for married and attached people looking to cheat – questioned 3‚412 of its male and female members to discover their real views on attending music festivals‚ and where and how cheating is most likely to happen.
Its results show that 80% of cheaters attend music festivals with their friends – setting the perfect anonymous scene for a steamy adventure. Just over one-third of cheaters say indie festivals are the best places to have an affair.
While the setting is perfect‚ cheaters claim affairs are not planned – 6 out of every 10 say any hook-up is likely to be spontaneous‚ and a third say it’s probably going to be a one-time fling that wouldn’t last the course of a multi-day festival.
One-third say music festivals are the best environments for an affair because they are surrounded by fun‚ and it feels like they’re taking a vacation away from their own life. Just over a quarter admit to taking advantage of the scale of the event arena‚ and getting lost amongst stages and bars to find a fling.
Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan‚ Sigurd Vedal‚ said in a statement that music festivals are notorious for fun-loving‚ free-spirited people who are open to experiences.
“Losing yourself in the music and the moment is a fantastic experience – it’s no wonder cheaters love to attend music festivals‚ and leave their long-term partner at home. Festivals are full of good-looking people who want to have a great time – and are open to one-night stands‚ flings and flirtations‚” Vedal said.


3‚412 members of Victoria Milan polled
Do you like to go to music festivals with your friends or with your partner?
With my friends — 82%
With my partner — 18%
Do you think that having an affair at a music festival is likely to be planned or spontaneous?
Planned — 39%
Spontaneous — 61%
What do you think influences the attraction felt between strangers at a music festival?
Intense days surrounded by music we love — 19%
Being in a different reality to everyday life — 28%
Being surrounded by fun; taking a vacation from your own life — 32%
The feeling that there is a special connection with people who enjoy the festival with you — 21%
What types of affairs happen at festivals?
One-time affairs — 31%
It lasts the whole festival- 23%
Not an affair‚ just some flirting — 29%
Long-term affairs — 17%
Do you consider music festivals the ideal place for an affair?
Yes — 72%
No — 28%
If yes‚ why?
They are the perfect excuse to go away for some days — 11%
You get to know many people talking about music — 16%
Festivals are full of attractive and good looking people — 25% 
People are more open to having fun and enjoying — 21%
You can get lost and hide among stages and bars — 27%
At which music festivals do you think infidelity occurs more?
Rock festivals — 24%
Techno festivals — 19%
Indie festivals — 31%
Jazz festivals — 26%