1. Lowers Blood Pressure
S_ex during pregnancy helps to lower blood pressure. Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone released during se_x is a good stress reliever. All the built up tension will simply go away and this keeps your blood pressure at a healthy level. S.ex makes the woman feel calmer and lowers the risk of heart attack.
2. Enables Sound Sleep
During pregnancy, women often experience all kinds of discomfort, from back pain to frequent urination, sleeping hours just gets shorter as the fetus grows in the womb. S_ex during pregnancy is a good way of getting sound sleep because the woman feels more relaxed after having an o_rgasm.
3. Increases Intimacy.
The bond between husband and wife remains unbroken when they both have s_ex during pregnancy. Some live with the myth that women are very abrasive during this period, so they should be avoided.
Truth is during pregnancy, the release of oxytocin which is also referred to as the bonding hormone boosts emotional attachment and makes pregnant women more sympathetic, supportive and trusting. Both partners get closer to each other and this definitely helps their love life.
4. Reduces Pain
Certain hormones like prolactin, oestrogenand progesterone, which increase blood flow to the pe_lvic area, including the vag_ina, increasing lubrication and sensitivity.
The increased blood flow to the Va_gina can help reduce painful int_rcourse. Se_x during pregnancy will also help ripen the floor of the ce_rvix and this can reduce the pain of delivery.