1. Las Vegas, USA

It’s the obvious choice but if you haven’t been then you need to go. Plenty of food, parties, gambling and a night life that is unmatched. You can even check out plenty of adult entertainment that is unlike anywhere else in the world. The only thing to keep in mind is that with Vegas it is go big or go home. So be prepared to lay down a lot of money to have a truly great time.


2. Tel Aviv, Israel

Admit it, this one wasn’t even breaking your top 100 of places you want to visit. But while you might think of Israel as a religious locale, this beach town is far from that. The night life is unbelievable and is among the best in the world. And it’s a beach town so you’ll be catching plenty of beautiful women in bikinis.

3. Bangkok, Thailand


When it comes to visiting Bangkok the only thing that you’ll be laying down money for is the plane ticket. The prices for everything else are unbelievably cheap, so you can live the life of a high roller even on a budget. The night life is worth checking out but it’s the beautiful women that will be taking up your time. There is plenty of adventure to be had to for those who like to live on the edge as well.

4. Montreal, Canada

If you are looking for a place to see beautiful women and let loose a little, then Montreal is for you. This is the city where strip clubs are plentiful and they will blow your mind. Not to mention the rules that you might be used to (like no touching) don’t really exist here. So you can touch a bit if you see something you like and the prices are much cheaper than what you might expect.

5. Sosua, Dominican Republic


There is just one word for why you should visit Sousa and that is “sexscape.” That comes from an anthropologist who studied the singles life in this thriving city. This is a city that basically caters to single men and is full of single, gorgeous women who are looking for a man to come and show them a good time. Whether or you are looking for a short fling or a girl to take back home with you, this is the city you want to visit.

6. Cancun, Mexico


Sure it sounds like the party destination for affluent spring breakers…and you wouldn’t be wrong. Cancun is a beautiful beach city, built around the idea of a never-ending party. There is no shortage of women in skimpy bikinis and you can’t walk more than a few steps without hitting a bar. The night life is great and there are plenty of water sports to appease your sense of adventure. If you like the beach, this is where you want to go.

7. Miami, USA


This is yet another spot for those looking to lay down some cash. This is the party city for celebs and high rollers. Where the clubs are amazing and there is plenty of adult entertainment. It’s a city that is always hot and right on the beach so women pretty much live in their bikinis creating a gorgeous sight up and down the coast.

8. Paris, France


So it might not be the greatest night club scene and you won’t find any beaches, but this city of love does have something to offer. There is food unlike anywhere else in the world and amazing history that is really quite fun to explore. Plus there are plenty of girls who travel to the city looking for romance and you might just be the one to make their vacation (and yours) unforgettable.

9. Buenos Aires, Argentina


This is the city that is considered to be the Paris of South America. So if you want an experience like that of Paris, but don’t want to pay the price then you can just head to Buenos Aires. There is great food, amazing nightlife, stunning women and it is all at rock bottom prices. This is a spot where you can live the high life without spending a fortune.

10. Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil has a reputation for beautiful women and that is a reputation that is well deserved. Sao Paulo is the culmination of everything that makes a vacation for a single man great. Plenty of beaches, beautiful women, an amazing night life and of course sports. As host of the 2014 World Cup this remains a great vacation destination for anyone that has a passion for soccer.

11. San Sebastian, Spain

Yet another beach town but this one has something unique to offer. It is more than just beaches and beautiful women, it is also great food. There are a number of Michelin rated restaurants so you will be eating well for your entire trip. There is also decent night clubs to be found and since this city isn’t quite as popular as other Spanish beach towns, you will avoid the bigger crowds.

12. Berlin, Germany

There was no way Germany was not getting on this list, because if you like beer then there is no better place to go. The bars here are ones that you will remember and long for the rest of your life. The nightlife is also legendary and the women are something to write home about. There are also plenty of ways to get your adrenaline pumping for adventure junkies and more history than you could pack into a year

13. Amsterdam, Netherlands


This is the city that has something for everyone, whether it is bad boys (drugs and prostitution are legal) or those looking to soak up history and culture. There are some who even call Amsterdam “Disneyland for Adults.” Few things are off limits here and with the infamous coffee shops and the sex museum there is no limit to the amount of trouble you can get into or the fun you can have. Or you can avoid it all and just stroll through the picturesque city.