27 year old Isis Thomas, from Bristol,UK was blocked from logging into her facebook account because of her first name. On Monday, Isis tried to log into her profile only to find Facebook asking her to change her name.

In an interview she said:
 “I just tried to log in and when I did, the password went through and this box came up asking me something about changing my name. I was on Facebook as Isis Worcester, because when I first signed up years ago I didn’t use my real name, which is Isis Thomas, because of where I worked at the time. I thought it was about the surname, so I just changed it to Isis Thomas. But that didn’t work and I realised they had a problem with me being called Isis.
“They sent a message saying Isis wasn’t allowed, it didn’t comply with the policy. They asked me to send in proof of identity, which I did.That was on Monday and I haven’t been let on the site since. 
“I checked out other times this has happened, and found a woman called Isis who had to start a Twitter campaign because Facebook made her send in ID three times before they finally let her back on.”
Isis’s mum Sian named her after the ancient Egyptian goddess, worshipped as the ideal mother and wife, and the patron of nature and magic.
For most of her life, people commented on Isis’s pretty and unusual name, but things changed upon the rise of the terrorists declaring themselves the Islamic State – commonly abbreviated as ISIS.

 Isis continued : 
“Things have definitely changed for me and my name. I used to work in a doctors’ surgery and had my name on a badge. People would comment on it a lot, try to make jokes or tell me it was unfortunate. Some would think it was some kind of company name.
“It frustrates me that people still use ‘Isis’, especially when I see newspaper reports and they’ve written it ‘Isis’ instead of at least using capitals, like ISIS, because it’s an acronym. I have no plans to change my name, though, I love it. I just want Facebook to realise it’s my real name.”
Isis’s mum Sian is furious at Facebook, and said:
 “It’s as though she has never existed. I have found Facebook impossible to contact and I’m furious.
Facebook  recently launched a crackdown on ISIS extremists using it for propaganda

Source: TheSunUK