The renowned priest Juan Angel Lopez said Tuesday that the image of the Virgin at the Shrine of Santiago Apostol Campus of the Catholic University of Danli, El Paraiso, wept.
The pastor of the church of Santo Domingo Savio Tegucigalpa confirmed that the image of Our Lady of Peace will notice a change in the face. There is a difference in the face before and now you're crying, "he said.
"I'm not saying it's true, I'm saying it's possible that this is verified," Lopez said.
The image of the virgin who has two tears in his eyes and slipped one to the chest was first seen at the weekend by a delegate of liturgy .
Also wood shelf where is placed is also wet.
The priest recalled that "our faith is not based on such demonstrations are possible, no one should be closed this possibility. Our faith is based on following the Lord Jesus Christ actually born of a mother who is the Blessed Virgin, whose face is depicted in these images. "
Is it possible that the virgin cry?
"Bodily is not possible because it is already enjoying the presence of God in heaven. Now, it is possible that a mother though not physically with us longer suffer the pain felt by the waywardness of their children, there comes into spiritual or moral pain. And that is indeed possible, "said Catholic priest.
Lopez recalled that on other occasions has been deceived and so you have to be cautious."There has been misrepresented who to this kind of thing to attract attention," he said.
"In this case, I suspect that there is no falsehood because I know people who run the Campus Santiago Apostol. You know the seriousness of the people who recorded the video and do not think that would lend themselves to this sort of thing , "he said.