A graphic new video has emerged showing the moment cops pinned Alton Sterling to the ground and pulled the trigger six times.
The graphic footage shows Sterling being thrown to the ground by cops Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II after they received a complaint about a man making threats with a gun while selling CDs outside a store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
The cops are seen yelling at Sterling to ‘get on the ground’ – but he did not before he was tackled by the officers. As Sterling continues to move on the ground, the officer believed to be Lake reaches for his gun and then points it at the father-of-five’s chest. One of the officers then yells: ‘He’s got a gun! Gun! You f** move and I swear to God.’
Less than two seconds later, the first shot is heard, followed quickly by another two as the startled store owner turns the camera away from the gruesome scene. Three more shots are heard as the clip ends. It is not clear whether Sterling was reaching for his gun, but he was not holding it at the time he was shot.
See video from the scene below.