THE battle lines have been drawn at Thokoza Hostel.
One side has no problem with magoshas while the other wants them out!
Many single men at the hostel want the magoshas to stay, but the others say they must voetsek.
The concerned group claims the punani business has ruined many marriages and broken homes.
Resident John Dube said: “Some men leave their wives to go and bonk these women. It’s not right.
“We’re not going to allow our place to become Sodom and Gomorrah.”
The magoshas operate from the Khuthuza and Mshaye’zafe parts of the hostel.
Zion Dlamini, who is in favour of the magoshas, said: “I’m not married.
“I don’t see why magoshas should be kicked out of the hostel.
“These women help single men.
“They also stop men from raping and messing up other people’s lives.”
Resident Sphiwe Molotsi said the people who are complaining must leave their magoshas alone.