A woman left the court in stitches after she filed for divorce on the grounds that she had never seen her husband’s 4-5 in their 4 years of marriage.

Janet Mthembu of Peitermaritzburg in KwaZulu Natal filed for divorce with the regional courts and said she could not bear not seeing her husband’s pe_nis any longer. Janet was represented by Divorce Attorney Van Wyk and part of her argument read : “Your honor, I am married to Malcom for 4 years now and before that we dated for 2 years. During the 6 years that I have known this man, I have never seen his 4-5 at all. Not even a glimpse”.

Janet also added that she is only allowed to touch it and at first she thought it was not the real thing, “But the fact that it starts of flaccid and ends up being stiff during lovemaking made her believe it was the real thing”

The presiding judge allowed Malcom to give his version of events and the businessman said he was very shy and thought his wife would laugh at him because his manhood is very small. “Your honor, I have a very small pipi. One that will make anyone laugh. So I do not want her to laugh at me while I am excited. It will kill the mood”

Janet was however adamant there were underlying reasons and she insisted it wasn’t small since she touches it each time they play bedroom gymnastics.

The couple have a three month old daughter and the judge advised them to seek counselling before deciding on a divorce.

“I just want to see his 4-5”, Janet sighed.