Okay. Here goes.

I’m currently 20 years old. My parents marriage broke 3 years ago, when I was 17.

My father got married to another woman who is less than half his age, i.e. she’s 24. Basically a trophy wife.

My father works for a multinational oil company making in excess of 5 million USD each year. I have a very comfortable lifestyle with no siblings.

My father’s often out on trips, pretty much 8 out of 12 months. My step-mother, well, frankly, she’s just a gold-digger. She is immensely beautiful, with a perfect body.

So 2 years ago, one night, both of us got pretty drunk. We started fooling around, and ended up having fun. Over the years, we’ve had fun almost every night my father wasn’t in town, and pretty much 80% of the time when he was. I’ve had love with her and her sister, her and her friends etc. I did it, primarily, because I am pissed off at my dad for leaving my mother. And of course, my step-mother and technically girlfriend now, is hot as fuck.

We’ve been having love ever since. It’s convenient because my father’s often out of town. In fact, I even got her pregnant once.

Bottom line is: Now she wants to get married to me and divorce my father. I don’t really care much for her. She’s all crazy for me and even attempted suicide once. She has a few recordings of us, and in one of them I’m with her friend as well.

I don’t want to get married to her. I don’t care what my father will think, because honestly, I know he doesn’t give a shit about her either. That is, he wouldn’t be heartbroken because she decided to leave him. He’d be heartbroken because I was fucking her behind his back. And quite frankly, there have been days when she just got fucked by my father, and after a few minutes by me.

But, well, I’m in deep shit. She’s already given me 2 months’ time. If I don’t get married to her, she’s going to come clean.

The only problem is, how do I confront my father? And will this have any legal repercussions? My father signed a prenuptial agreement.