Actor Nyaniso Dzedze‚ known for his role as Tsietsi on’s Ashes to Ashes‚ is undergoing training to become a spiral practitioner.

The actor is currently in Australia where he is undergoing training for a type of chakra-based energy healing that explores and integrates one’s past‚ present and future.

He took to Instagram on Wednesday to reveal the “mother of all challenges” he has had to undergo during his training.

“The absolute mother of all challenges was looking at myself. Finding my own shadow (the not so pleasant or not easy to address attributes) about myself‚” he said.

He said that the experience was necessary in order for him to better understand how to help others.

“Most importantly opening up these channels in yourself not only shows you how much sh*t you have going on‚ but the beauty is you get to see and have the power to remove all the obstacles standing in your way. You get to see all the things stopping you from reaching your full potential‚” he added.

He went on to reveal that since undergoing the training‚ his “consciousness and perception of life has opened up in an incredible way“.