#AltonSterling, is the 558th person killed by cops in 2016.

How did he die?

According to reports from USA Today, an autopsy shows Alton Sterling died of multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and back. He was outside the convenience store selling CDs and was confronted by the police. He was fatally shot during the confrontation with the police.

According to reports, officers responded to the store about 12:35 a.m. Tuesday after an anonymous caller suggested a man selling music CDs and wearing a red shirt threatened him with a gun. Two officers responded and had some type of altercation with the man and one officer fatally shot him.

Who were the officers?

The officers have not been identified but both officers have been placed on administrative leave while investigations are going on.

The Response

The response from the #BlackLivesMatter community has been huge. There have been several protests following the shooting and things quickly escalated when a video surfaced on social media of the shooting.

In front of the Triple S Store

Twitter has exploded with people (black and white) calling for justice and transparency in the case.

The Video
The video evidence of will be seen by some as gruesome. It is an emotional trigger and deeply disturbing that a man who was pinned on the ground can get shot five times. Five times.

If after seeing the tweets you want to watch the video, it is still circulating online.