Communication is an integral part of love that should not be ignored. It gives you an opportunity to give and get feedback and will optimize the sexual experience – two-way traffic.
However, some people now take the talking thing to a new level and even turn it to a negative thing by saying the wrong things at the wrong times.

Here are some of the most terrible things some women say that should not be heard during love.

1. “Are you done?” If he is, you would know for God’s sake.

2. “Is it inside?” WTF, it is inside, do you need telling?

3.“Is this your first time.” Do you have to tell him he’s inexperienced.

4. “I’m not in the mood.” Why wait until he’s charged and ready?

5. “Just get it over with!” Come on, if you don't want love, say it, but don't be so callous.

6. “I’ve had better love.” Jeez, are you so wicked?

7. “Is it erect?” Why not feel it? Does it feel soft?

8. “Have you cum?” No, he had gone. Trust me, if he orgasms, you should know.

9. “Are you shy?” Isn’t it obvious?