The notion that relationship is not a job opportunity has turned some dudes into becoming overly penny-pinching. Now a days, many dudes would floss to their friends that they have never given cash to a lady in the course of their relationship and will liken it to smartness, and that no lady can turn them into her sponsor.

Here are 8 clear signs your boyfriend is a mean dude

1. He Doesn’t Buy Gifts for their girlfriend even during birthdays and valentine's days

2. He Prefers to buy their girlfriends lunch in a KFC since its cheap

3. He talks hurriedly on the phone to save credit

4. He will be happy when his girlfriend promises him that she doesn't expect anything from him

5. He switches off his phone during Her Birthday or avoids his girlfriend during valentine's day

6. He doesn’t pay for her fare even during short travel destinations

7. He is a "A Lady Who Truly Loves Me Will Not Ask Me For A Penny" kind of a guy

8. He blames the economy for his low financial power (brokeness)