#1 Talk Dirty to Her

Dirty talk can help keep her attention focused on the erotic sensations. If you already know what kind of naughty language turns her on, have at it. 

#2 Tease Her

 Bringing her to the brink of orgäsm repeatedly will cause her arousal to spread throughout her body—resulting in a bigger, longer climax when she finally peaks. 

#3 Cover All Your Bases

 Working multiple sĕx acts into one session can help prolong her orgäsm because the variation creates more tension and ar0usal. 

#4 Turn Your Bedroom into a Hotel Room

Start by setting the mood. If she's keyed up after a stressful day, give her a back massage to ease her into a more laid-back state. Turn off your cell phones, lock your doors, hit the lights, and put on the slow jams: Music and candlelight will help calm her central nervous system.

#5 Back Off, but Only a Little

When some women are on the brink of orgäsm, their clitorises become very sensitive. If that’s the case, stimulating her more gently may help her maintain her climax for longer

#6 Shower Her with Compliments

Insecurity distracts her and inhibits her pleasure. But if she feels smoking hot, she’ll be more aroused and focused on the awesome sensations of sĕx. And that can help her experience deeper orgäsms.