If satisfying your woman is important to you, then you ought to consider this six signs that you are not doing it right.

1. She gives excuses

Sure, there will be times both partners do not feel like having sex, but if it sounds like all she has to offer these days are excuses, excuses and more excuses, then it might simply be because she is not feeling you. Women who enjoy sex want more sex. But is she avoids you every chance she gets, then sex must not be very fun for her.

2. Her orgasm is not priority

Female orgasm takes some time and focus to achieve. She needs to put in the mental effort as much as you need to put in some physical efforts. Since this takes so long, (studies say at least 20 minutes) it requires some amount of dedication on her part. If she would rather have fast, quick sex, then she does not care about her orgasm. Her only reason for not caring will because she does not find sex with you very satisfying.

3. She would rather masturbate

While her masturbating does not have to be a bad thing, as this means she is more connected to her sexuality and knows what works for her body, if she will rather do this than have sex with you, then you are not satisfying her. Masturbation is great to add a little spice, or if you have to be apart for a while, but turning down sex with you when you know she makes time for some self love can be a red flag.

4. She takes control

Normally, her giving you a little bit of tips here and there for how to please her is fine, but if sex is starting to sound like a lecture, then you are doing something wrong. A bit of guidance is great, but if it's starting to feel like she's constantly teaching you how to have sex with her from scratch, you’re probably not that good.

5. She is not with you mentally

For great sex to happen, your partner needs to be mentally focused on the act. If it seems like she zones out or has her mind on other things during sex, then it might be because she is not feeling it.

6. She likes it fast

Sure, quickies are fun for many reasons, but slow lovemaking also has its perks. If it always seems like she rushes through it all or wants you to rush through, then you might not be pleasing her. She might skip things like foreplay or oral sex, and would rather go to the positions that makes you cum faster. She basically wants to get it over with.