Here are the 5 things guys should endeavor to stop doing mostly in front of girls that over raises the girls self esteem and always placing them where most of them don't even belong.

1. Stop being idle and get busy

An idle mind is truly a devils workshop, if you are always busy, you will notice that most times you won't have much time for the ladies and they will not move you all the time. But when you are less busy, you always think of them and whenever a beautiful girl passes, you gaze helplessly and always feel like getting under her, and sometimes in your idleness you start self-servicing.

2. Stop giving them so much attention 

Girls generally are attention seekers, and the more you give it to them the more "manenos" they do. Give girls much attention at your own peril. Girls are no higher being, they are equal creatures as you, nothing much special, even the 2 minute satisfaction you get when you lay them doesn't worth breaking your head over girls... I always laugh at guys that fight after ladies and will never stop laughing. I haven't seen any girl in this world that is not my girlfriend that I will fight my fellow guys because of, more so when there are many fishes in the river.

3. The rich dude should stop spoiling them with money

It is funny at times how this guys spend money on girls, not because they truly love the girls but just because they want sexual satisfaction. You don't even need to buy a girl 70K worth of smartphone before you can lay her, then why spend the money carelessly on one un-loyal chiq out there that is only loyal because of your full pocket and when you have millions of people out there that genuinely need the money for at least their upkeep. 

4. The male students should stop doing all the assignments for their female counterpart 

For Gods sake, both the guys and girls are in school for the same purpose, and I am not saying that you should not assist them a times when the need truly arise, but a situation where you do all the assignment for the chiqs and sometimes you haven't even done yours, just because you want to please her...I pity you, because whether you do for them or not, the lecturer will still give them good grades after using them and you, the good Samaritan will end up with poor grades. Not only that, you are not encouraging them in any way by so doing.

5. Place Self interests far from business

The working class guys with authority, Stop giving more preference in employing more ladies because of your personal interest of getting under her p@nts. For God's sake, guys are smarter and will even contribute more to the development of your company than the female bimbo you just employed to be looking at her face anytime she comes to work.