It is usually advised that the best way for your partner to enjoy love is through making sure that you warm things up with foreplay first.
Most men are at a loss as to how much foreplay is adequate and there really is no specific answer. Getting her aroused for love depends on the kind of woman, her mood, and sometimes, even the time of day. But you should watch out for these four signs that she is definitely good and ready for love to begin.

Breathes faster

One sign of an aroused woman is faster and more intense breathing. The more turned on she gets, the faster her breath comes. This is also in tune with her heart beat as it also beats faster as she gets in the mood for love.

Warmer body

During foreplay, her body temperature will get warmer the hotter things get. If she was cool to touch in the beginning, you will feel this gradual change and know that your magic is working.

Her nipples

Whether or not you are stimulating her nipples at the time, they will respond when she is aroused. This is usually a dead giveaway that she is responding to your moves. All you need to do is graze them gently with your fingers and you will know all you need to know.

She gets wet

This is the more open secret when it comes to signs she is aroused. When a woman's body is ready for love, her vagina gets lubricated to make penetration easier. This is the biggest sign that she is ready because biological, her body is ready to receive you.