There's nothing to gain going back to your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend because there's no longer a relationship between you two.

No dog goes back to its vomit. So why should you go back to your ex-partner or even stay friends with them? There's nothing to gain there because there's no longer a relationship between you two. But if you insist on staying as friends or even re-date your ex, then it’s a huge risk and you could be going through these...

1. It’s stopping you from moving on

Looking for true love? It's pretty damn hard finding that while your ex still looms over your head. Whether you’re over your ex or not, if you’re friends with them you might not explore the world around you. The love of your life could even approach you, but you’ll be so high-strung with your exes-drama that it will make them run in the opposite direction. So your friendship can blind you from pursuing some good relationships.

2. Gives you constant false hope

Whichever side of the break-up you are, there is always a little false hope that things might work out or your ex might turn into the man or woman of your dreams. After all, you did believe them to be “The One” at some point. If you really don’t have any feeling for your ex, then it’s possible that your ex might still not be over and you’re not doing any favors by leading them on like this. It’s a constant struggle for both of you. Convincing yourself that you’re not in love with them and making sure they don’t think that either. In fact, just when things start to seem to be good, you suddenly feel like getting back with them.

3. You don’t want them to be with someone else

In some cases, breaking up is the best option for everyone involved, but seeing your ex with someone else might not be a happy sight for you. It isn’t about being jealous—though in some cases that might be it. You generally might not want them to be with someone else, especially if the break-up is still fresh. You’ll want their new relationship to fail knowing fully well that you have no romantic feelings for them. In the end you’ll start feeling bad about wishing ill for your “friend” since friends are supposed to be happy for each other.

4. You can’t really be friends

Think about it carefully. Will you really be okay with attending your ex’s wedding? Or hearing them gush about their new partners? Or will you be comfortable sharing your secrets about relationships with them? Friends are meant to be there for each other and provide support through every situation. While being acquaintances and being friendly is one thing, forming a promise to be friends in every situation is just not possible for exes. Before saying “let’s be friends” or even accepting it, think carefully whether you can handle all the problems that come with this type of friendship.
source: pulse