Have you ever noticed a beautiful outfit ruined by poor bra support or the outline of a seam showing? Proper undergarments are the foundation for every perfect ensemble.

We all know how looking good on the outside impacts our confidence levels, making us sit a little straighter, feel more empowered and ready to take on the world. While different aspects may contribute to how we feel, presenting ourselves in the best light certainly makes a difference.
Women often find themselves standing in front of the mirror, recognising there’s a problem with the way the bra fits, yet not totally convinced about finding a solution.
The correct bra is the starting point for a defined outline. It creates a streamlined appearance, improved posture and so helps to boost your mood and self-confidence.
“Most women aren’t correctly advised about their bra size and end up wearing the incorrect size, which is too tight or just doesn’t feel comfortable,” says Mo Thoka, professional bra fitter at Pandora Bra Studio. While some fitting issues may be easily rectified by adjusting the straps, if you still don’t have any joy, here are some tips they shared with us to help you find your perfect fit. You can also try boob tape if you are comfortable with it.
1. Get measured
The back of the bra needs to fit securely yet comfortably in a horizontal position as a foundation to keep the bra in place. The straps assist in lifting and positioning your bust. Straps must be tightened to a level of comfort. If a bra is riding up your back, it means it’s too big, so you have to go down a back size. For example, if you’ve tried on a size 34 and it rides up, try a size 32 back.
2. Avoid slipping shoulder straps
A slipping bra strap can mean various things: your cup may be too big, your shoulders may be slouching forward, you haven’t tightened your strap properly or your bra is riding up your back because the size you bought is too big for you. Sometimes a wrong style can also cause the strap to sneak down your arm. “The straps of a well-designed bra are positioned closer to the centre so they’re less likely to fall off your shoulders,” explains Mo.
3. Fight the bulge
When you wear a cup that fits properly, your body will have a smooth appearance and there won’t be those lumps and bumps that occur when the cup is too small.
4. Create a seamless look
To give your clothing a seamless look, you need a bra without lace or patterns.  his doesn’t have anything to do with your bra size, just the style and the personal choice of whether or not you like lace showing through your clothes.
Before you buy a bra, get measured and fitted – most lingerie retail stores offer excellent services in this department. A professional understands the importance of having a nurturing experience at every fitting. It will be worth your while to find the best style and fit to enhance and optimise your shape and contours.