Anyone in a serious relationship expects their partner to put them above everyone else which in turn will be reciprocated so they can both work at having that 'perfect relationship'.  But when you are in a relationship where you keep hoping things will get better and you know you aren't the first thing on your partner's mind, it advisable to call off that relationship.

In this case, you should because you'll constantly feel desperate for those little moments when your partner makes you feel special and other times you feel really terrible.

If you've been trying to find a way around your dilemma, Lindsey Kupfer of YourTango lists a few signs to help you know where you stand in your partner's life:
  1. Almost all your plans with this person are last minute ...
  2. ... even though he/she always asks what your plans are for the night way in advance.
  3. You find yourself turning people down while you wait to see if he/she wants to see you.
  4. And then you regret that you wasted your night waiting on them.
  5. You're never the person they want to take to big events, like weddings.
  6. Even when they're seeing someone else, they still try to keep you on the hook.
  7. They almost always bail on things that are important to you.
  8. It takes FOREVER for them to respond to a text.
  9. You constantly feel like you put in ALL the effort.
  10. They expect you to always answer when they call, but never answer when you call.
  11. This sounds way too familiar: "We can't be together right now."
  12. You're always making excuses for them.
  13. When you try to stand up for yourself, they blame you for being needy.
  14. You remember everything they tell you about their lives ...
  15. ... but they never remember anything you say.
  16. You're unhappy most of the time.
  17. But you still hold on for those few moments you spend with them.

    Credits: Pulse Ng