Our bodies are covered with erogenous zones that can be easily missed. Thankfully, Dr Laura Berman's latest book, Loving sex, is here to help with top tips on how to tease those secret hot spots.

We've picked the best hidden erogenous zones for you to discover.


Heighten arousal and desire by shampooing each other's hair in the bath, or simply let your fingers run through your partner's hair whilst relaxing. Use your fingernails for a gentle sensation, or knead to release tension. What's nice about his one is that is seems so innocent: hair play can occur in public, but still feel intimate and even a bit naughty, preparing you for any number of escapades to follow


Thighs and knees are two especially sensitive spots – and their proximity to the genitals makes them one of the sexiest areas for foreplay. Breathe gently on his inner thighs, as you kiss and caress this hidden sweet spot. The key to maximising pleasure in this area is to listen to his body and watch his response to see what touch is the most electrifying.


This area is highly sensitive in both men and women, although the touch we enjoy varies greatly. Experiment by rubbing this area lightly when he is still clothed. Make your touch firm but gentle – your goal is to arouse not tickle. Watch for his reaction: does his body stiffen? If this brings pleasure, try this again when you're between the sheets. Many of us also enjoy stimulation that feels a little more naughty. In the heat of the moment try slapping this erogenous zone (if he agrees) for the perfect blend of pleasure and pain. If you're feeling adventurous, lick, suck or bite.


The mouth is one especially intimate erogenous zone. The lips have more sensitive nerve endings than any other part of the body. That's one reason kissing is such a turn on: it takes full advantage of this sensitive spot and invites us to play with the mouth's sweet sensuality.


In terms of sensitivity, fingertips are second only to the mouth and genitals. For an amazing hand massage, gently pull on the fingers, releasing and relaxing the joints. You can always suck suggestively on each digit while looking at your man…


The arms are an excellent place to begin foreplay: massage the full length of his arms as you watch TV or chat. Use your hands to stroke the muscles in his arms, starting from the tops of his shoulders and moving down to his fingertips, alternating your pressure between firm kneading and light scratching. Then, work your way back to the tops of his shoulders and apply deep pressure, alternating with short sweet kisses. Finish by lightly brushing your


Men can also enjoy chest or nipple stimulation. Experiment with this erogenous zone by kissing his chest or running your fingernails gently up and down his torso. Sucking or lightly nibbling on his nipples can also be quite pleasurable. But remember this is a very sensible area.


When giving a foot massage, use a firm touch and knead your fingers up and down from the soles to the tops of the feet, pay extra attention to arches and toes. The feet are often very sensitive, so ask your man how firm you should be before you begin. For extra sensuality, finish by sucking on each toe individually, building desire by increasing the pressure of your mouth as you move.


Many women find it sensual and relaxing to have their hair gently tugged. Your man can maximise this erogenous zone while making love (or kissing) by running his fingers up under her hair and taking hold of a handful close to the scalp, and gently pulling. After each pull move to a new area of the scalp and repeat.


This small, nerve-rich area is located between the anus and the genitals in both men and women. Explore with your finger, tongue or a sex toy. The prostate in men and perineal sponge in women (underneath the perineum) are also highly sensitive. When these little areas are stimulated, the results can be quite pleasurable – even orgasmic.


The stomach – especially the lower stomach – is another popular erogenous zone. It's proximity to the genitals means that it is sensitive to stimulation. It is also an area that lends itself to generating a long slow burn of arousal: stroke it lightly early in the evening when you're cuddling and you'll plant seeds of desire. The stomach calls for a gentle touch, stroke your fingers lightly over his stomach from top to bottom. Trace circles, lines, even letters to help vary the speed and rhythm of your touch. Don't forget the sides, which can be stimulated with a firmer touch.

11. BACK

Stimulating and massaging the back can be an incredible turn-on for most men. Consider your positioning, lying down offers complete relaxation but sitting gives you greater access to other arousal spots. Try one or all of these simple strokes: trace your fingers gently along your partners back to awaken the nerve endings, then massage with greater intensity. Use long, firm strokes and play with his desire by kissing his neck or ear intermittently.

12. A-SPOT

Also known as the AFE spot, this female hot spot is a relatively new discovery. It is located between the g-spot and the cervix, at the very end of the vaginal canal. This can be stimulated during anal sex. Stimulation of this area can lead to intense orgasms, along with plenty of vaginal lubrication.


This male hot spot is named after the prostate gland. It is a small bump located just inside the anus which can lead to deep orgasms when stimulated. Be prepared for fireworks when playing with the erogenous zone – it is known as the male g-spot for a reason!

14. U-SPOT

The U-spot's name comes from its location just about and around the urethral opening. Some women also release ejaculate from the urethral tube during orgasm. This is completely normal and can be a thrilling experience for both of you. Women also find stimulation to the area around the U-spot, the peri-urethral region, very arousing due to the many nerve-endings there.

15 – Behind Both Knees

A woman’s knees may be the one part of the body that almost everybody overlook! However, all the nerve endings in this location make it one of the most erogenous parts of her body.

Soft licks and nibbles on the backs of her knees can make her crazy! Remember to take it easy here. Because this area is so sensitive, you want to be gentle.

Keep in mind: At the same time, you don’t want to tickle her too much. It’s best to be brief and simply kiss or nibble on the backs of her knees as you work your way up

16 – Inner Thighs

The inner thighs are a highly sensitive area and respond very well to stroking, touching, licking and kissing. Stimulating this area also builds up anticipation. Take your time here, but remember not to bite her inner thighs or be overzealous.

Keep in mind: Gentle, light caresses will drive her wild. Women prefer things soft and slow at this place.