After travelling all nine provinces award winning group Mi casa has ended their #IstShotleft adventure. Speaking at a cocktail function last night in Sun City, Micasa’s J Something said it’s a bittersweet moment.

“This is all bittersweet, we had the best times the last couple of months and we got to learn about our beautiful country and meet all its lovely people,”he said.

J Something went on to explain why they wanted to do the ShotLeft and why they are grateful to SA Tourism that they came on board. “This was a way to do an album tour while showing South Africans the amazing places we have in the country. It was also a way to highlight how important tourism is in job creation and also just how instead of wondering what South Africa has to offer, we gave people a snippet of where to go and what to do in all nine provinces.”

The group has been on the road for Shotleft for a couple of months and they say they know that had it not been for the people, the adventure wouldn’t have been as successful as it is.

“We never get it as Micasa when celebrities act like they don’t need people or are better than the people. We know and understand that, without the people celebrities wouldn’t be who they are. So we realise that and will never take our fans, sponsors, media or anyone for granted. We are who we are because of the people,” J Something added.

Micasa performed their new collabo with Nigerian star Wizkid at the cocktail function, the song will sure be a hit.

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