Khanya Mkangisa break-off with Matli Mohapeloa now single again looking for man

TV personality Khanya Mkangisa is officially a single woman after revealing that she has parted ways with her beau, Matli Mohapeloa.
The couple have been on-and-off for a long time, with Khanya once even denying she was in a relationship with the actor.
But their social media accounts painted a different story.
Matli posted a picture of himself and Khanya late last year, thanking her for putting up with all his nonsense:
"Thank you for taking my sh*t, for always wanting to try work on us even when the odds were against us. For the love and laughter. Thank you for being you for me. I promise to treat you better in 2016 and beyond and strengthen our bond even more."
He was also by Khanya's side when she turned 28 in March. 
"My birthaday cake. I love you Matlie and thank you for the beautiful surprise this morning, you are appreciated," she captioned a picture of her birthday cake. 
Sadly, their love affair is officially done, and this time around it seems for good. 
Khanya broke the news on her Snapchat account recently. 
"People keep asking me about it and its just so annoying," she said on her Snap story, adding, "I'm single, please don't ask me about my ex-boyfriend."
She also admitted that she hated being single. 
We doubt she will be single for long, though, especially with all her sexy Instagram posts.