iGazi continues to have us sitting on the edge of our seats as Scotho and Nomarussia dethrone Nomakhwezi.
After Sunday night’s riveting episode of iGazi, almost every week is slowly but surely converting itself into a mini horror series.
The level of witchcraft on that show is starting to become real creepy and viewers can’t seem to handle the heat that Scotho is cooking in that witch pot of hers alongside her evil cousin Nomarussia.
Last night, we witnessed Nomakhwezi get ridiculed and called out as damning scandals about her affair with a married man and nude pictures of herself were scattered all over Twitter.
Oh and let’s not forget that stinging slap she received from the Queen Mother.

Before the episode ended we were sure that Nomakhwezi was going to overcome the embarrassment she experienced thanks to Nomarussia and her son (Jonga).
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But as always we were never ready for what was about to transpire on iGazi.
In a dramatic turn of events, Nomakhwezi, who was under a spell thanks to Scotho’s witchcraft, fell to her death as she threw herself from a cliff right into the deep ocean.
Viewers were shocked at Nomakwhezi’s suicide and the power of Scotho’s muti.

Whilst on the other hand, people actually thought that Nomakhwezi's nudes were really on social media.

So the question is, is iGazi taking it a bit too far with the witchcraft?
Some might argue that the producers of the show are taking it a bit too far, but others might argue that iGazi is giving South African audiences great TV content that is bound to scoop awards next year when the awards season comes around.
What's your take?
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