A NEWBORN baby has been found eaten by dogs after being dumped in a bush in Malawi, Nyasa Times reports.
According to police, the grizzly discovery was made by a man who had come into contact with a feeding dog on Sunday morning.
"A man, who has been identified as Steven Lanken, was going through his business when he chanced upon a dog eating something that looked like human flesh. Upon close inspection, it was discovered that it was a newly born baby," Mayawo was quoted as saying by Malawi24.
Although the remains of the child have been delivered to a health centre in the area, officials had not been able to identify whether the deceased was male or female.
A manhunt has since ensued, with police working hard to locate the mother of the abandoned baby.
The development occurred among renewed calls for the legalisation of abortion in the southern African country, with the church fighting vehemently to prevent relevant legislation from being passed.
Source: News24