DStv has announced changes to its channel organisation, which will affect Premium and Compact subscribers.
In addition to moving channels, DStv announced the termination of M-Net Movies Comedy, Family, and Romance.
The content on M-Net Movies Romance will be moved to M-Net Movies Showcase.
M-Net Movies Comedy and Family content will move to a new channel called M-Net Movies Smile.
“M-Net Movies has reduced the number of older library movies in the schedule, to keep the movie offering new and fresh,” said the company.
DStv also promised that viewers can look forward to more pop-up channels, like the recent M-Net Movies Blackout channel, and last year’s M-Net Movies Star Wars channel.

Two more HD channels for DStv Compact viewers

DStv Compact subscribers will also receive two movie channels in high definition.
These channels are M-Net City (channel 115) and M-Net Movies Action (channel 110).

DStv channel change summary

The table below summarises the changes to DStv’s channel line-up.
Channel nameCurrent channel no.New channel n0.
VUZU AMP114103
M-Net Movies Premiere103104
M-Net Movies SmileNew channel105
M-Net Movies Action+106106 – no change
M-Net Movies Showcase108107
M-Net Movies Action110110 – now in HD
M-Net Movies Stars111111 – no change
M-Net City115115 – now in HD
M-Net Movies Zone139139 – no change
M-Net Movies Comedy104Terminated (content on M-Net Movies Smile)
M-Net Movies Family105Terminated (content on M-Net Movies Smile)
M-Net Movies Romance107Terminated (content on M-Net Movies Showcase)
Source: mybroadband