The TRUE LOVE Mag with Lerato Kganyago continues on tweet from "Photoshopped image" to her "Cellulite".

FYI: celluliteˈsɛljʊlʌɪt / noun persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, especially on women's hips and thighs.

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I don't know why they showing us those before pics, not like u haven't posted ur cellulite before

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leratokganyago @leratokganyago

I've never hidden my cellulite...

leratokganyago ‏@leratokganyago 11m11 minutes ago

I've never hidden my cellulite...

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Sbu Mpungose ‏@SbuMpungose 55m55 minutes agoJohannesburg, South Africa

For the record,there is nothing wrong with Lerato's "before" body. There is everything wrong with juxtaposing her bod with the edited one

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Sbu Mpungose ‏@SbuMpungose 2h2 hours agoJohannesburg, South Africa

I've had to apologize to cover star or two in my tenure because too many alterations done on their person.
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The most retarded tweet I've seen all day...

This mojo girl is high on nyaope!!! …

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FYI!!! Google all the covers I've done and tell me if I need to go to classes for my lips and nose! Thanks

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@leratokganyago did you see any of the images before the issue came out & have a chance to give input?

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Nobody even called me to tell they releasing those pics! It's not the 1st time True Love does this to me but I'm OK!

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Eintlik, what's the intent behind releasing those pictures? To show her cellulite and how dark LKG is?

Also why does that article sound like its attacking LKG as if the public didn't point it out even before LKG posted about it?

Anyway let's celebrate the fact that I'm on the cover, I've gone back to school to get my degree, and I'm happy and content! Right?!

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The cover is out there babe being mad won't help!!! Let's just buy the copy

Putting my cellulite out there I don't mind! But don't give me a different mouth,& nose and think people won't see!I've don't lots of covers

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We are mad bcoz its not the first time TL doing that....we love u LKG ...beautiful article though... …

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Lol they clearly think I'm ashamed of my cellulite being out there! I speak openly about them!

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Yamkela Mdaka @AlekBlak

I can't believe what True Love just did to Lerato Kganyago. Wow.

Listen! I'm not mad, at all! Disappointed, YES! People know me and see me every week on TV. Buy the mag and read the beautiful article!

2009 True Love botched Lebo Mashile's cover and made her less curvy. She complained, they apologised. Do the same @leratokganyago

The way I love LKG guys.... I'm gonna buy that TL magazine and I hope they did better than the last time, otherwise I'm coming for them.

@leratokganyago You look very much different. Nothing against this picture, but I think you take better pictures than the True Love guys.

@reokedit @TrueLoveMag @leratokganyago Yeah true, but let us focus on the content and shift away from the cover. Love you Leratoo

@TrueLoveMag @leratokganyago this is Lerato.Not dis mummy uv put on your cover.Alter it properly and recall all magz

True Love Cover out! Get your copy!!

Lubabalo Mtengwane ‏@Lubabalo_M 6h6 hours ago

@truelovemag You should have been fair with the photoshoop on LKG

True Love Magazine @TrueLoveMag

If you guessed @leratokganyago as our June cover star, you guessed right. Get your copy, in stores today.