Lerato Kganyago talks about losing her child, going through heartbreak, and being ready for love in the latest issue of True Love magazine.
Although this looks like it will be an interesting read, the Metro FM presenter and her fans are not pleased with what she looks like on the cover. 
It seems the magazine has another case of photoshop gone wrong.

Lerato is also not pleased with the cover. She wrote on Instagram: "Nick Boulton is one of the most amazing photographers in the country. He captured me beautifully, it must be disheartening even for him to have his work continuously retouched (PhotoShopped) to a point of no recognition." 
She did, however, mention that she had "an amazing shoot" and that the article was beautifully captured. "Great article, had a lot to share," she wrote on the photo-sharing site. 
Through a statement posted on the magazine's website TRUE LOVE editor, Dudu Mvimbi Leshabane says: “As a brand that stands for women empowerment, TRUE LOVE would never intentionally do anything to compromise women and their public profile. We have a responsibility not to tarnish our cover star’s image, to produce authentic content for our readers and to uphold the brand’s integrity.”
We're definitely getting ourselves a copy.
Source :zalebs