What is a blesser?

Think sugar daddy, but with a whole lot more money. He's filthy rich, and can set you up with clothing accounts, overseas holidays (Dubai is the current hot destination) and sometimes even a car. So when you date one, your life has been blessed. Financially anyway...
There are levels in this game too

Your blesser will bless you with Sandton City shopping sprees, hair and beauty treatments, and more.

And, if you're lucky enough to hook up with a Level One Blesser (there are levels in this game: I kid you not), you might even get yourself a flat as part of the deal.
If you're looking, there's a Facebook page to find a blesser

A Facebook page using the name Blesserfinder, (and categorised as a dating site) matches young women with rich benefactors. The site has almost 11 000 members (and is growing daily).

How the term 'blesser' was coined

The trend was said to have started on social media, where jobless young women posted about their exotic lifestyles, claiming they had been 'blessed'. Social media users then started asking the girls who their blessers were.

One of the pages has the following post: “A blesser is a new trend. Why suffer as if you are not beautiful enough to be blessed? Enjoy yourself, and don’t let people judge you.”

Apparently the 'blessed' compete with each other and compare lifestyles. On Instagram, they show off their designer clothes and exotic holiday backgrounds with a – you guessed it – #blessed

Where do blessers operate?

If you want to hook a blesser, then Jozi’s northern suburbs are the places to hang out: this is where the blessers work and play.

It sounds like a straightforward business arrangement – with fantasies fulfilled on both sides.

The blesser gets to enjoy the company of a young, hot woman, while the blessee (blessed?!) gets to buy all the bags and shoes she wants ... as long as she's prepared to sacrifice body – and soul – for the rewards.

And if a teeny bit of emotional or physical abuse creeps into your fantasy life, are you going to put your Jimmy Choo-clad foot down and say that enough is enough? Or will you be so dependent on the material stuff that has been coming your way (and of course the Instagram likes), that you’ll cram another piece of sushi into your mouth and take one – for the money?

A comment on the Blessfinder Facebook page made me smile:

“I have a problem with this blessfinder thing. I am certain that most girls going to Dubai to do shopping and to be "blessed", do this as their career. My question is what measures are put in place to ensure they are taken care of, once they retire or they reach an age where can’t continue being blessed. I think the blessers must contribute towards UIF and a pension fund.”