It's official, Naymaps will be launching his clothing brand this weekend in Durban.
Just last week, Naymaps Maphalala announced that he’d be releasing his own clothing brand, and the great news has been followed by a confirmed launch date.
Naymaps' team has confirmed that the actor will be launching his clothing brand this Saturday, 28 May, at Gateway Shopping Centre.
The launch is set to be attended by the media and Naymaps' fellow cast mates from Uzalo.
Ladies, you can only imagine the handsome men of Uzalo that will be in attendance, from Ntokozo Dlamaini (Mastermind) to Kay Sibiya, who are known to look absolutely dashing when dressed to the nines.

Speaking to ZAlebs, Naymaps said he was overjoyed with happiness to see his dream finally come to fruition.
"The launch of this clothing line has been something I've been working on for the past two years. I've been working on it even before Uzalo. It was quite a challenging process because one moment it would seem like things were happening and then another moment it seemed like things weren't happening, but then everything started working according to God's plan," he said.
"Things are still coming together step by step, I'm still nervous about the entire process but the greatest force that's helped me to be more confident throughout the uncertainties and the anxiety is the fact that this clothing project has been something that has always been in my heart. I'm not doing this because of the hype but I'm solemnly doing it because it has always been part of my plan."
The actor clarified that the launch is more about creating awareness of his clothing brand, with a couple of samples to present to the public on show.
"What's actually happening is that I've got so many designs in my head but this launch is more of an establishment and an awareness of my clothing brand. I'm making people aware that there is now a clothing brand called Naymaps and this is an idea of what people can expect for now and what is to come. 
"I've incorporated some basic designs of the clothes which include hoodies, with an interesting design and quality. So like I've mentioned this weekend's launch is the awareness of the brand "

Naymaps confirmed that his Uzalo cast members will indeed attend the launch.
"Yes, it's very humbling to see how a lot of them said they would be coming through, some of the cast members have even bought some of the clothes already. Some will even be attending the launch dressed in my brand which is great."
Congratulations to Naymaps! We hope the launch is nothing but a success.
Source: ZAlebs