Wright Ngubeni and his celebrity sister, Sarah, survived a hijacking ordeal on Thursday evening. Wright, who plays 5 Bob in the e-tv drama Heist, and Sarah are thanking God they escaped alive.
The two TV personalities were hijacked outside their parents’ home in her white Range Rover, Wright ran into the house to pick up something he needed for work. “Wright was on his way back to the car when four armed men pointed guns at him. Everything happened so fast. Some went for the security guards in the complex. I think they tied them up before jumping into my car with a gun pointed at Wright’s head. I was so shocked and scared,”she said. The hijackers tied their victims up, and ordered them to sit with their heads down as they drove off.
“A few minutes later, they recognised us and said they normally see us on TV. They said they wouldn’t hurt us as they just wanted the car,” said Sarah. She said the thugs also told them they were going to leave them in place where they’d be safe. Then they switched us to another car. But before they changed cars, they removed the tracker from my car. They also demanded our cellphones, watches and my wedding ring. They took everything inside my car and other things in our pockets,’ Sarah said .
“They kept on driving and later dropped us at a plot next to Kyalami in Midrand. We were helped by a security car that was passing by. The security guard lent us his phone so we could let everyone know what had happened to us. I called my parents and husband first” she said.
Sarah added that Wright didn’t see the thugs’ faces because they were facing down all the time. “We remained calm under the circumstances. I prayed throughout that the ordeal would pass without us being hurt. The feeling of leaving my kids without their mother was constantly running wild in my mind. And I just couldn’t imagine my parents losing their two kids at the same time.”
Sarah said they also called the police who took their statement when they got back home. She told media, “Today, I was talking to Wright and we were laughing about it – because of his role in Heist. We were making up headlines like : Heist star was hijacked”, she said.
At Douglasdale police station, cops confirmed that a case of hijacking and armed robbery had been opened. They said the matter is still under investigation and no one has been arrested