Teko Modise was said to have paid R9 000 per month for his ex - Felicia Modise. But then, he allegedly cut off the cash wen she joined Diski Divas. But Felicia wants him to keep on blessing her.

Sources claimed Teko breached the agreed court settlement that he’d pay Felicia an amount of R9 000. One source said : “According to the court settlement, Teko was supposed to pay Felicia maintenance until she gets a permanent job. He hasn’t been paying the spousal maintenance for some months now. At first Felicia thought it was a mistake.”

Another source said ” “Teko stopped paying when he discovered that Felicia was part of Diski Divas. Now she’s going back to court to enforce the order!”. When called, Felicia refused to comment. “I’ve nothing to say regarding the matter,” she said. But her lawyer, Isaac Mabunda of Mabunda Attorneys, said they’re going to send Teko a summons. “He stopped paying the spousal maintenance without inquiring with my client about the nature of her part in Diski Divas,” claimed the lawyer.

He added that Teko stopped paying in March this year. Mabunda said according to the court settlement, Teko could stop paying only if Felicia finds remunerable employment. “I think the moment he saw her on Diski Diva, he just stopped paying. But my client’s part in the show was just temporary and now we want him to come and explain why he stopped” the lawyer said.

Source : Sunday World