Stories of friends stealing each other’s lovers happens all the time. You probably know someone who was snatched by a friend. Maybe it was you. Maybe you are the bae thief . No judging but here are the top ten reasons why bae’s are stolen by those close to you

1. Jealousy

If she finds the guy caring and loving she definitely would get jealous especially if she is single or her own BF is not that caring and nice. So stop telling your friend how caring your guy is.

2. Love

She could fall in love with your BF, ”Birds of the same feathers flies together after all” she might just like the same type of guys you do.

3. Money

What else if not Money, he doesn’t spare any cash to spoil you and your friend(s) are aware, hmmm where ever there is Sugar, ants comes in thousands.

4. Care

Every lady loves to be pampered, cared for and loved, if your guy is giving you such then your friend(s) would want to steal him, he is a scarce commodity.

5. Ego

Some ladies just do it to show they can most especially if you are bragging of is undying love for you or that you trust him so much that you know he wouldn’t cheat on you, men! you just called the Calvary upon yourself. Stop the act, now.

6. Wickedness

Yeap some friends are like that, they believe if they are not happy your their friend dont deserve to be as well, while some would do it just to see you sad. Hmmm some friends could be evil i tell you.

7. Fun

Have seen some ladies who claimed they did it just to have fun (something to kill boredom), i once ask a female friend why she would do such to her friend and her reply was ” doing something crazy & silly can be fun sometimes ” she said.

8. Pleasure

Most ladies can’t just resist hearing a guy is good in bed or he has the BIG thing, they would want to have a taste at all cost. Dont share your s_excapades with friends.

9. Stupidity

She is just Crazy, she believes she can get back at you when she steals your BF from you. Be careful not to offend some friends.

10. Singleness

When a lady is single and not loving it she can be a dangerous friend to keep, because your Boyfriend might just be the closest catch for her. So if you are in a happy relationship and your friends is not please dont share your happy moments with her.
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