A well-known Durban pastor is being investigated for rape. This after two young women claim he sexually assaulted them.
One complainant says he told her she had demons and he wanted to exorcise her. The other complainant says the pastor invited her to his place to cook for him. Once there she says the pastor r_aped her on the couch. She is currently receiving counseling.
“I want him to be arrested because when he called me to his house, he knew that he wanted to r_ape me. I went to his house because he was my pastor, the person I was submitting to at church.”
Another victim says the pastor abused her many times while saying he was anointing her. She says she knows of other young girls who suffered the same fate.
“He told me he wanted to anoint me but he will have to put oil in my private parts so that he can get rid of the demons, because if he prays for me demons will hide in my private parts.”
The pastor refused to be interviewed on camera. But he denied the allegations in a recorded interview.
“No I cannot appear on television, Sir. I am a pastor. I cannot appear on TV and that’s actually what she wants, so my name can be thrown all over. So I cannot take that Sir. I am sorry about that,” says the pastor.
Police have confirmed that two cases of rape have been opened. They say the dockets have been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions to decide on the matter.
Source : iDurban