Usually, the last couple of days before a woman gets married are either the most stressful or exciting hours of her life. For Nomava Madikane, we’re sure it was an exciting couple of days filled with love and a bit of anxiety.
However, her excitement did not reflect on her face at all. As beautiful as she is, Nomava has to be the most serious, straight-faced bride we’ve ever seen on #OPW.
At one point we were wondering if she really wanted to get married?

Nomava had little to no facial expression but thankfully deep inside we knew she was a happy woman, even though she didn't express her happiness when she was fitting her bridal gown or when she saw her husband in his suit for the first time.
Speaking about the husband, we must commend him for being so persistent with his wife. For your wife to reject your proposals a couple of times and still continue to ask her is a brave move for any man and his ego.