Tempted to date a married man? Or maybe you want to know the perfect time to date a married man.
It’s a tough decision to date a man already taken by another and it’s not for the weak-minded but if you find you’re at any of the stages in life below, then you just might be ready to date a married man!

Read below:

1. When you 100% have no ounce of shame.
2. When you find you have no respect for a marriage union.
3. When the name ‘homewrecker’ and ‘side chick’ no more hurt you but instead fill you with pride and joy.
4. When you have accepted that your future husband will have a side chick and you decide to encourage his future practice.
5. When you are ready to one day fight the wife.
6. When you’ve decided all you want to do is have s_ex with married men because that is your calling in life.
7. When your daddy cheated on your mummy so you decide to be your father’s daughter.
8. When the sight of a wedding band on a married man’s ring finger compels you to date him.
9. When the tears of the wife are like music to your ears.
10. When you remember Solomon had concubines and you have accepted that Jesus must have died on the cross for you to be someone’s concubine.
11. When the “I will leave my wife” lie is the one lie you are most comfortable with on this earth.
12. When the “I will never leave my wife” is the only challenge on this earth you are dedicated to.
13. When you believe love is when you are number 2, not number 1.
14. When you want to give your all to a man who has given his wife his financial all.
15. When you are 100% proud to be an undercover lover.
16. When your mama said “All men are dogs!” so you are making sure their breed doesn’t become extinct.
Source:Oranges Blog