MAMOKETE KHUSE is long dead and buried in Rhythm City . . .But skeletons seem to be creeping from her grave.Sunday Sun can reveal the mysterious death of Rhythm City’s favourite character is rumoured to be because of Connie Chiume’s departure.
Sources close to the actress claimed the star was pushed because she appeared in an insurance and burial service advertisement without consulting her bosses. The source said the advert is aired on a rival channel. Connie revealed in several interviews, “it was time to focus on family and farming”. But the source was adamant she left because of taking on other jobs to supplement her income. Another source claimed the powers that be wanted to know why Connie didn’t clear the extra job with them. “She was told the company she shot the advert for was a rival and was asked to go,” said the source.
A third source said freelancers in the creative industry will continue being victims and left jobless as they’re expected to stay loyal to one job. “It’s sad to see Connie go through this and not being able to talk about victimisation for fear of being sidelined for future jobs. The industry needs a strong union to protect freelancers. “If it’s not people losing out on jobs because they don’t have an active social media presence, it’s this. Government should step in.” Mamokete has been key in the Rhythm City’s storyline and it’s yet to be seen how the story will evolve without her, said the source. Connie’s departure made news. and she was wished well by many a fans Acting MD of channels division Marlon Davids played down the allegations.
“Connie Chiume’s role came to an end. Our characters, set and storyline have to constantly evolve to keep viewers entertained.” Connie said: “Where did you get that story from? I was never pushed out of Rhythm City, in a letter they sent me they told me the soapie was getting younger. I was never pushed, but my contract was never renewed.”
Source  : Online