The is 31 years old and sells se_x to survive. The magosha from Phomolong squatter camp in Mamelodi East, Tshwane told our news crew what her average day is like. She wakes up at 8am to find nyaope to smoke before she goes looking for men who will pay her for se_x. At 11am she gets ready to go to Donkerhoek, where she has worked since 2011.
When she goes to work she usually puts on an outfit that shows off her legs. She charges clients at least R20 for a good time. “On good days I sleep with five or seven men and sometimes more than 10 people. I discovered that I’m in bigger demand with white men than black men,” the mum told the People’s Paper. Most of her clients are married, and they include cops and young men. “Sometimes married men take me to their homes to have se_x.
Most of the clients love fat girls but whites prefer thin magoshas,” she added. At 5pm she heads home. “Sometimes we end up being rap_ed, but we can’t report it. And sometimes the men refuse to pay for our services,” she added. Her life went off course after she fell pregnant in high school and dropped out.
The only time she went back to her family home was last year when she was taken there from hospital, after being hit on the head by a client. “I miss my kid, who is starting high school next year. I want to change my life, quit everything and start over. I want my son and family to be proud of me,” the woman said.
Source : Eye Witness