This is the question asked constantly.

How do I get more traffic to my blog?

Everybody would like lots of traffic. Duh.

This is the part with lots of hard work.

Put accurate, attractive, complete, relevant, and timely content into your blog. You start with the content.

  • Get your friends to link to your blog, where your blog is relevant.
  • Participate in forums, where your blog is relevant, and include the URL.
  • Comment on other blogs, in relevant comments, and include the URL.
  • When you have done all of the above, your blog will have some weight. Submit your blog to the search engines, for indexing.

Remember though, none of this happens overnight. Search engines can take months to index your blog fully. And even when indexed, don't expect for a search, to some key element in your blog, to give you an entry on the first page of the search hits.

And know what your readers are looking for. If you see a trend of readers, go with the trend.

But enjoy your blog. If you enjoy it, you will keep at it. And regular updates will develop regular readers, which will encourage regular updates.