Here is a list of DStv decoders which can still be fixed, and those which have reached “end of support”.
There are several DStv decoder models currently used by viewers, and there is confusion among subscribers as to which decoders can still be fixed and which ones have reached “end of support”.
MultiChoice currently offers two decoders that can be bought new – the HD PVR Explora and the single-view HD Decoder.
The new decoders are manufactured in South Africa – the DStv Explora in East London and the DStv HD decoder in Johannesburg.

DStv decoders which can be fixed or replaced

MultiChoice is able to repair and refurbish the majority of older decoders, it said.
Customers are usually given a refurbished model while their decoder is repaired.
MultiChoice charges a repair fee of:
  • R698 for a PVR model
  • R350 for a single-view decoder
For customers with decoder insurance, there is no repair fee. Insurance is:
  • R35 p/m for an Explora
  • R29.50 p/m for a 2-tuner PVR
  • R20 p/m for a single-view decoder
MultiChoice offers a 6-month guarantee with a refurbished decoder, which is a repair guarantee.
This is different from the new product guarantee of 12 months, which MultiChoice offers on new decoders.

DStv decoders in “end of support”

Certain older decoders have been classified as “end of support” since November 2014.
PVR decoders currently in end of support are:
  • SD PVR
  • Dual View
  • UEC 4-tuner HD PVR
Single-view decoders currently in end of support are:
  • 660
  • 720
  • 720i
  • 910
  • 933
  • 990
If a decoder in end of support breaks, MultiChoice cannot fix it or replace it with the same model.
These decoders are also no longer able to receive software updates, and customers cannot take out decoder insurance on these models.
Customers can still use these decoders to access the DStv service, activate a new DStv account, and do a transfer of ownership.
If users want to replace their old decoders with a new Explora or HD Decoder, they have the options below.
  • Customers with decoder insurance: claim as per the conditions of the insurance when the decoder breaks. Customers will receive a decoder similar to what they have now.
  • Customers with no decoder insurance: use one of MultiChoice’s trade-in offers. This includes the R999 for a DStv Explora if an SD PVR or UEC 4 tuner PVR is traded in.
  • The decoder payment plan or Price Lock offers: these offers include various decoder options with installation and a fixed-subscription fee for the next two years.