RESIDENTS of Bekkersdal, west of Joburg, were going about their Sunday morning in town when they saw a dog walking along the street, holding something in its mouth.
To their horror, they realised it was a human foetus – and that the dog was planning on eating it!
The shocked residents shouted at the animal to let go of the foetus, while others made sure it didn’t try to run off with its gruesome find. Eventually the dog let go of the foetus and ran away.
Concerned resident Lindiwe Mbele (34) said: “It’s a disgrace to all women. Some people want to have children but cannot, yet we have a shameless woman who killed an innocent baby.”
Thembeni Zondo (32) said government allowed women to have legal abortions.
“If she didn’t want the baby, she should have waited until the baby was born and later released it for adoption.
“God will expose this evil person for showing such cruelty,” said Thembeni.
Some warned: “God will punish both those who scared the dog and the devil mum!”
Bekkersdal police spokeswoman Sergeant Linki Lefakane told Daily Sun: “A male foetus was found dead. Police opened an inquest docket.”