I had premarital sexual relationships but now i am getting married and now i again wanna be a virgin…Is it possible via any pills or medicines?
The word virgin means “untouched” (as in “virgin stand of timber”). If you’ve had sexual relationships, you have been touched, and are thus not a virgin anymore.
There are no pills or medicines that can make you into a virgin again. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, becuase if they do, they are lying.
To the extent that you define virginity in purely physical terms, there is a way to become sort of like a virgin again. Women have a structure known as a hymen which is part of their genitals. This structure is typically torn or partially damaged upon first vaginal intercourse, and this makes regular adult intercourse possible. A plastic surgeon can repair or (more likely reconstruct) your hymen so that it looks like you’ve never had intercourse before. However, this won’t make you a virgin again; it will just help you fool someone. You’ll still know you aren’t a virgin in your heart, and if you tell someone differently, you’ll be lying. Lying is not a good way to start out a marriage.
I don’t think it is a good idea for you to get too worked up about not being a virgin anymore. You can’t unring this bell, so you might as well learn to live with the music it produces. It is no tragedy if you aren’t virgin anymore. There need be no shame in not being a virgin on your wedding day. What is important is that you feel good about your marriage plans, and that you take care to insure that your future decisions are made with more care than some of the past ones you now regret.