Barely a week after Amanda Cele came out on TV bragging about her being a blessee,disaster has struck.
The trending ‘blessee’ was in the early hours of today assaulted by her blesser’s wife only identified as Ntabiseng at her upmarket Sandton flat.
A source who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that all hell broke loose when Ntabiseng intercepted Amanda’s car as she was coming out of her gate.She then got out of her car in anger only to be given a thorough bashing by the woman who accused her of blowing her husband ‘s money.
Amanda put up a fight but alas fell short of the furious woman who tackled her to the ground,dealt a series of blows to her head, pulled off her weave and gave her a black eye.
Her screams attracted the attention of passerbys who then pulled apart the two women who where cursing and screaming at each other.Ntabiseng is said to have gone in her car and sped off whilst Amanda immediately went and made a Police Report
Efforts to get a comment from both women were fruitless at the time of going to print.