A lot of people might have told you that you miss a lot for not having “se_x”, the answer is
capital “YES” You miss a lot and would continue missing them:
1. You miss contracting HIV/AIDS
2. You miss unwanted pregnancy.
3. You miss being unwanted husband/wife
4. You miss having sexu_ally transmitted disease.
5. You miss having unwanted child.
6. You miss being a school dropout.
7. You miss having a broken home.
8. You miss making God and your parents sad.
9. You miss barrenness due to abor_tions.
10. You miss having a destroyed career prospects
and lastly, you miss going to hell.
Have you seen that you really miss a lot by not having se_x?
My fellow youths, your life worth more than five minutes
enjoyment that can destroy your life forever.
Preserve your body not just for
your future husband or wife
but for mighty God
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