A funeral proceeding for a dead elder in Matatiele , Eastern Cape took a surprising turn of events the widow of the dead man demanded to sleep with her husband for the last time.
It is believed the man, Nkunzi Radebe died in a car accident during the Easter Weekend. On the night before his burial, his wife, Thuli demanded to be intimate with her husband for the last time. At first people thought she had gotten insane but realized she was serious when Thuli asked them to check on Nkunzi’z manhood. Thuli claimed the dead Nkunzi also wanted to be intimate.
Elders checked the dead man’s anaconda and true to Thuli’s word , it was erect and ready to pounce. Everyone at the funeral could not believe what they were hearing and seeing.
A source said, ‘Yooh, the man wanted to eat the cake and the woman wanted to give him one last round for the road. She even swore the coffin would not leave the house if he did not get to poke his wife’
The Radebe’s had been married for 12 years and did not have any children. It is believed the couple spent most of their time indoors and were very private.
Thuli Radebe eventually got her wish and Nkunzi’s dead body was taken to their matrimonial bed. Another source claimed , ‘They spent a good 3 hours in the room. We could hear Thuli screaming in pleasure while bonking the dead old man. It was like a scene from a movie’ , said the source.
Only after getting her full satisfaction of her husband’s stick did Thuli emerge from the bedroom looking satisfied and told people the burial would carry on without incident. BY this time Nkunzi’s manhood was no longer erect.
A village elder who refused to be named said, ‘This is really strange and we have never heard anything of this sort’
Source : iMzansi