Thanks to a Spanish company, keeping tabs on unfaithful partners is now easier. The company has created a special, infidelity-detecting mattress which is embedded with ultrasonic sensors that can capture even the slightest, eh, well, suspicious ‘up and down’ movements in bed.
The company came up with the idea for the strange mattress when they came across a statistic showing that Spaniards are the most unfaithful people in Europe.
“Smarttress is a normal-looking mattress that hides some cutting-edge technology, the Lover Detection System,” company spokesperson José Antonio Muiños said, speaking to local press.
The Lover Detection System is a clever name they’ve given to the 24 ultrasonic sensors incorporated into the mattress, which can sense when the mattress receives abnormally high amounts of pressure and sends the signals to one’s mobile phone.
But one wonders, can such work in a country like South Africa, where people are not mannerless enough to cheat on their matrimonial beds?
Anyway, now, all you have to worry about is coming up with a valid reason for wanting to replace a perfectly good mattress with a new one. Oh, and with the publicity this thing is receiving right now, you might want to find a way to hide the company’s logo on the mattress or you’ll have a lot of explaining to do.