Rapper Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP) will be hosting a benefit concert in the hopes of raising funds for a little girl named Zoey.
Zoey, who is the daughter of female rapper Zinzi Khanish, suffers from cerebral palsy and needs to undergo an operation in China.
Due to financial difficulties, HHP has offered to help the female rapper by raising funds for baby Zoey.
Zinzi Khanish has already raised half of the money for the operation by doing small gigs.
In an interview with The First Avenue on Metro FM, HHP mentioned that he has made it his personal mission to raise the other half of the money for the child’s operation.
"If you can raise money from doing small gigs, I must make it my mission to help her raise the other R50,000. So I put up a post on Instagram asking people if they would watch me perform with my band for two hours and everyone responded positively," he said.
"Companies have been calling, sponsoring and even donating money, I just got off a call with Basseline and they’re giving us the venue for the benefit concert."
The rapper confirmed that the concert will take place on May 7, and all the funds will be going towards Zoey's operation.
"We want to see Zoey go for that operation and coming back and living. I had a cousin, Thabo, who had the same disease. He died at the age of 28, but by the time he passed away he looked like he was 14. And it was so sad that we were robbed from talking to our cousin but Zoey is going to be the voice for Thabo and all the kids that are suffering from the same thing," the rapper added.
HHP also talked about his suicide attempts in a recent interview with Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral. The rapper revealed that he tried to kill himself three times.
In the Metro FM interview, HHP clarified that his suicide attempts were not about making hits or fame, but his frustration with the state of music.
"No, it wasn’t about making hits. In fact, I was getting a lot of gigs but I was turning them down because there’s nothing worse than going to a gig and all you hear is this trap music," he explained. 
HHP even mentioned that there was a point where he would get on stage and feel uninspired because all people wanted to hear was this 'turn up' music.
He admitted that he tried to change his style and fit into this new wave of making music by creating his latest single titled Pop Mabodlela, which is actually his least favourite song.
"Pop Mabodlela is probably my least favourite song that I've ever written, to be honest with you. I wrote it because I knew I had to do something for the kids."
However, HHP did emphasise that he is in a happy space right now.
Image Credit: Instagram