Rapper Reason has expressed his frustration at not being able to get popular Rhythm City character David Genaro to star in his latest music video.

The rapper is currently working on a music video for a remix of Young Swiss’ popular single based on the Rhythm City character. He had hoped to use the actor who plays David‚ Jamie Bartlett‚ in the video. But that was when he ran into problems.
Talking to TMG Entertainment on Thursday‚ Reason explained that Jamie was interested in starring in the video but that plans were quickly halted when the soapie’s bosses apparently notified Reason that the character belonged to them and could not be used.
“Maybe they thought that we were going to exploit the character but we are actually just celebrating the persona of him‚” Reason said.
“We tried to come up with alternatives but that just made it more frustrating. Especially‚ when you realise that we are not trying to be malicious with the video.”
Although TMG Entertainment has yet to receive a response from e.tv‚ Reason says the show’s bosses have contacted him and are looking into the matter. He is‚ of course‚ hoping that they will reconsider.
Source : Time